Salaamu Alaykoem Abdullah and Faika

When I approached you to do my daughter’s wedding functions, it wasn’t a decision made suddenly. As I told you before, I have watched you guys at other functions I attended and liked the way you would bring out unique and new ideas to suit your customer’s needs. I told Igsaan then already, if any of my children are getting married, I am using SAFF.


Being in the Service delivery environment and having a daughter studying in the field of Event management, I am not sure how closely you were watched in your progress from our first appointment to the actual functions. Before I go into the detail of what really impress me, I must also commend you two as a business partners as well. It is very rare to have a husband and wife working so well together and complementing each other in such a commanding fashion. This lends itself a lot to SAFF’s success.


Firstly, our approach to our function was that we were going to have two functions, where people normally have one. You didn’t bat an eyelid and just turned around and said you could do it. Your time to respond with the quote was very swift and then to follow up with a meeting and to explain what you intend, made us visualise what you intend, but nowhere prepared us for the spectacular events we got (I get goose pumps again, thinking of the big day.)


Your patience you showed when we brought out our own ideas not only made us aware of your patience, but also your flexibility to accommodate the customer.

You truly wowed us and I dont think I can fully articulate how I feel and also wouldn’t be able to do full justice without the comments of our guests, who felt that the whole experience was surreal.


Oh, and dont let me mention the challenges that we had, that you fixed, leaving us wondering if there were really issues; leaving guests totally unaware...


Shukran Shukran Shukran for taking the huge responsibility from our hands and turning into a fairytale wedding for Ilhaam and wonderful celebrations for us.


Here are some email and sms comments from guests:


Slms. Afwan it was a pleasure attending their wedding.May Allah grant lots of barakah & gheir and all the happiness they deserve inshallah ameen.

Everything was stunning u outdid yourself man.


Assalamu Alaykoem Ighsaan and Nazlie, Congratulations of the weddings of your mashaa'lah beautiful daughter Ilhaam. Much love when into the preparation of the this magnificent reception. The ambiance of the venue and the setting was stunning, words can't describe the happiness of your guest, subgannallah. ALLAH SWT, most high, sure is Gafooro Rageem, placed so much barakah in this spectacular occasion. I raise my hands in wonder for both you and Ighsaan and your children. May ALLAH SWT grant you always the beauty of life and protect all you do inshallah. May your beautiful character be more beautified, you are much loved by all. Shukran for granting me the opportunity for being a part of your family, alhamdoelielah, I am truly honored. 


Wlkmslm, this was the best wedding I ever attended.....


Salaam Nazlie, I have been avoiding weddings for the last 10 year, only I got married about five years ago so technically the only wedding I attended was my own in the last ten years.  I DID enjoy your wedding and felt comfortable with the people we were sitting with.  So please relax and know that you gave a beautiful reception. All the best,


And loads more where everybody agreed that it was a wonderful function, that couldn’t have been said if it wasn’t for the catering.


You truly kept to your “walk in-walk out” reference. We certainly did just that.


Your professionalism will carry you from strength to strength Inshallah and surely make SAFF the company that STRIVE FOR SERVICE EXCELLENCE, Inshallah.

May Allah SWT grant your company to be the best of the best Inshallah. You stand out. You deserve ******* stars


Most gratefully yours

Nazlie and Igsaan Dalwai

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